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The Magic power by Fadjar Hamidi

I want to introduce myself, my name is Fadjar Hamidi, my pseudo PapaTita, I am from Indonesia, I participated in the creation of this app in an effort to minimize range problems on the DJI WIFI models. This app will help with a simple interface to boost the transmitting signals of both the remote controller and the aircraft. This applies to the video feed of the P3 Standard and the P3 4K.

This app will increase the 2.4 GHz signal from 17 dBm to 27 dBm, or to a lower setting of the users choice.The immediate benefits of increasing the signal strength is a reduced latency effect, and a more all through stable Video reception. The RTH mode will be triggered by both the loss of video signal or the RC signal

The Magic power by Fadjar Hamidi


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